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Virtual Reality Gaming
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Joined: 24th Sep 2018
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12th Jun

Dude, So Im not sure who all in this asylum pays any attention, but, Im going to go for a full on VR set up by my birthday.
Im pretty sure that VR is the way to go because "3D" (still only 2D) has ran out of steam and game devs are rehashing old worn out meme's of games.
I personally am going with the Valve Index  setup because its simply the best unit you can buy at the moment, for resolution, frames and refresh rate. 
BlackRhino, ampy, and I have done a bit of research on this topic and there are a few options that can fit most people's needs.
Oculus Quest
HP Reverb
Oculus Rift S
Oculus Go
HTC Vive Pro

YES! there may still be a few reasons (titles) to game in 2D though I only see any of them as nothing more than nostalgia at this point. 
Like, it's fun to game on a NES SNES or whatever arcaich system of your choosing, but only for a few hours or "THAT ONE" game(s) that you just "HAVE TO" play all the way through. (OG Zelda, Chrono Trigger and Metroid for me )  
So I guess the point of htis is that there are already some of us here that fully intend on VR Gaming and thats cool, though it would be cooler if there were more of us moving in that direction also. 
So, who else is headed to VR? 

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13th Jul

i have been thinking about myself recently i was on steam checking out the index but thought is there
Joined: 22nd Sep 2018
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14th Jul

Played on a VR system at a gaming place here in town. Pretty sure it was the HTC Vive Pro but i can't remember exactly. It was set up for 4 players in a zombie shooter environment with an actual rifle to hold and aim. It was a damn good fun time! kept trying to pull that toy rifle up to my face and aim a little better which didn't work out so good for my face but the terror of one of those zombie bastards jumping the rail right next to you only to see it dead in front of you was amazing and terrifying at the same time!

Ever since then, i've toyed with the idea and slung it across the ol' lady's face like a soft mushroom stamp explaining how fucking cool it would be and how our living room is the perfect size for it. After watching one of these videos today and explaining again what i was looking at, she said "well, we could get one around income tax time" so maybe March-April of next year, i might just be joining this bandwagon

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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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